Outreach Program on Water Purificatioin

With colleague Sean Garret-Roe and Phi Lambda Upsilon members led by Haley Grimm, and guidance from the Clinical Translational Sciences outreach experts Damara Strong and Judy Cameron, we created a program to teach concepts of chemistry important to water purification. A synopsis and instructions are here.

Student talks at Pittcon 2017 in Chicago

Pittcon 2017 Conference and Expo will take place at McCormick Place, March 5-9 in Chicago.

Wednesday, March 8:
Steve Groskreutz: Solving the Volume Overload Problem in Analytical Scale Liquid Chromatography: Design and Application of a 1.0 mm ID Temperature-Assisted Solute Focusing Precolumn
Leveraging the Power of Spatial Temperature Gradients in Capillary Liquid Chromatography with Active Temperature Control
Michael Rerick: Two-stage Temperature-assisted On-column Solute Focusing: Enhancing Concentration Sensitivity in Capillary High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Rachael-Anh E. Wilson: In Vivo Measurement of Neuropeptidase Activity Using Electroosmotic Perfusion – Microdialysis (EOP-MD)
Erin Shields: Custom Liquid Chromatography Stationary Phases Synthesized Using the Thiol-yne Reaction
Anthony Horner: Maximizing the Effect of Temperature on Retention of Ionogenic Solutes Through Buffer Selection in Liquid Chromatography
Khanh T. Ngo: Determination of Dopamine Response to K+ Stimulations and Dexamethasone Treatment with One-Minute Time Resolution Online Microdialysis-High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Thursday, March 9:
Yangguang Ou: Using Micro-Conductivity Measurements to Study Heterogenous Porous Media
Bocheng Yin: The Thioredoxin System Plays a Heavy Weight on Causing the Differential Redox Response to Oxidative Stress in Two Distinct Cornu Ammonius Regions in Rat Organotypic Hippocampal Cultures

Steve Groskreutz is a recipient of the 2017 CACA Student Excellence Award.

Steve Groskreutz is a recipient of the 2017 CACA Student Excellence Award (sponsored by Shimadzu). Steve’s contributions to separation science include development of novel methodologies for targeted multi-dimensional liquid chromatography, and expanding the role of temperature in liquid chromatography through active temperature control. Stephen has been awarded with one patent and published 10 peer-reviewed research papers and two review articles. His work has been presented in 31 national and international conferences. These awards will be formally presented to the three winners at the Pittcon Conference & Expo to be held during March 5-9, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Travel Award

Steve Groskreutz has been awarded a CASSS Travel Reimbursement Grant in the amount of $500 USD for the 32nd International Symposium on MicroScale Bioseparations (MSB2016), April 3 – 7, 2016, being held in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada.